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Play2Earn Game Staring Your NFT Superstars!

Nifty All-Star is a third person Play to Earn shooter featuring multiple modes. Play 4 different classes with your friends using an arsenal of weapons.

All you need is to get a NAS Gun NFT and play as one of the 4 default PFP heroes. Got a gun and want your favorite skin? Own or rent a Wicked Cranium and charge into battle!

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Ever wanted a play to earn third-person shooter game staring NFT superstars? Then get your fix in Nifty All-Star! The first 3rd person shooter where your favorite NFT heroes clash.

In chapter 1, we will be exploding skulls or more accurately some Wicked Craniums! Get your weapons (ammo included) and get ready to die (again)!

Nifty All-Star will feature 3 modes: PVE, PVP and Battle Royale.

NFT? Own and sell your in game items

Nifty All-Star weapon skin, accessories, emotes, etc. are sold directly on OpenSea. These NFTs will be used as both in-game items and resalable collectibles. Since these items are stored in the blockchain, they can never be taken away from your wallet.

NFT vs Microtransaction

Unlike microtransactions in other games, the items of a season will never be re-run in future seasons. To acquire prior season items, you will have to buy them through the secondary market on OpenSea.

Limited Edition NFTs

The Founders Assault Rifle weapon skin are separated into 3 tiers: Rare, Epic and Legendary. These will be the first NFTs from Nifty All-Star to be sold on OpenSea. Having a Founders Edition NFT in your wallet grants you an early access window to future sales of weapons, accessories, emotes, etc., as long as you hold it.

Ready To Play!

Owning Nifty All-Star Legendary Assault Rifle NFTs grants you access to the game. They will also provide you access to new game maps, alpha, beta and gameplay mechanics. Follow our official Twitter and Discord to get the latest new on when the NAS Guns will be available for sell.

Heroes and classes


WC #3858

Give you the ammo cause, you’ll need a lot of them


WC #9997

When your old bullets just ain't doing the job


WC #9919

Heals you, what did you except?


WC #3478

When you hear “Take cover” it’s time for you to shine


Cause I can’t count to 4


How do I play Nifty All-Star Game?


You simply need to hold a Nifty All-Star (NAS) Gun NFT as a minimum requirement. Owning weapon attachment or PFP NFTs is optional but it's fun to have more!

Do I need a Wicked Cranium or any PFP to play

the game?


No, if you only own a gun, we will provide a base character. Owning a compatible PFP grants you exclusive perks (3D avatar import, Rental/Passive Income and Early minting).

Is this a ERC 721 (unique) or ERC 1155



The main class guns are ERC 1155 which is similar to buying collector editions of video games. In the future, through PROJECT GUNSMITH, there will be ERC 721 attachments that are unique.

Do I need to submit my PFP for the game?


No, All 10k Craniums will be in the final game and future PFPs. You don't need to pre submit. At full launch, every PFP holder will be able to import their PFP NFTs inside the game for a small fee + gas.

What happens to my original PFP NFT?


Nothing, we only read the metadata to generate the 3D avatar. Your original PFP NFT will remain in your wallet untouched.


Xmachina game studio's primary goal is to give gamers power over assets they own by providing full resell capability via blockchain technology.